Inter Miami Secures Dramatic Win Over DC United: Super Sub Campana Shines for Messi's Team

Inter Miami Secures Dramatic Win Over DC United: Super Sub Campana Shines for Messi's Team

Thrilling Victory for Inter Miami

It was a night of drama and excitement as Inter Miami triumphed over DC United with a nail-biting 1-0 win in the MLS. The star-studded squad, led by the legendary Lionel Messi, finally broke the deadlock in injury time thanks to an extraordinary goal by substitute Leonardo Campana. The match, initially delayed due to adverse weather conditions in Florida, was a testament to resilience and tactical brilliance.

The anticipation was palpable as Lionel Messi returned to the pitch after missing the last game against Orlando City due to a knee issue. Fans were eager to see the maestro weave his magic once again. However, despite his efforts, the first 90 minutes remained goalless, keeping the supporters on the edge of their seats.

Messi's Influence on the Game

Messi's presence on the field always brings a different energy and dynamism to the team. His long-range efforts, precision passes, and strategic plays kept the DC United defense constantly on alert. One notable moment was when Messi attempted a long-range shot that sailed narrowly over the bar, leaving fans and teammates gasping in anticipation.

Throughout the match, DC United's defense was tested repeatedly. They remained vigilant, particularly in handling Messi's tricky dribbles and powerful shots. However, the match wasn’t without its controversies, including a heated moment when DC United players appealed for a handball on the Argentine superstar.

The Decisive Moment: Campana's Goal

The game tipped in Inter Miami's favor during injury time when Leonardo Campana took to the field. Just seconds after substituting for Rojas due to a concussion, Campana latched onto a sublime through ball from Bouquets. The timing and placement of the pass were impeccable, slicing through the DC United defense and presenting Campana with a golden opportunity. He didn't disappoint, slotting the ball past the goalkeeper to score the winning goal in the 94th minute.

The stadium erupted in euphoria as Campana celebrated his crucial goal with his teammates. The timing couldn't have been better, with the referee blowing the final whistle shortly after the goal, solidifying Inter Miami's victory.

DC United’s Efforts and Tactical Play

DC United showed commendable effort and strategic play throughout the match. Christian Benteke, in particular, utilized his physical prowess to great effect in the final third, trying to create scoring opportunities. Despite their best efforts, they couldn’t breach the Inter Miami defense, which held firm under pressure.

The match was marked by physical and intense play, especially in the second half. Several yellow cards were issued for fouls and dissent, underscoring the competitive nature of the game. Despite the defeat, DC United’s performance showcased their resilience and determination.

The Impact of Messi’s Presence on Inter Miami

Inter Miami’s performance with Lionel Messi on the field has been stellar. The statistics speak volumes: in the nine matches Messi has played this season, the team remains unbeaten with seven victories. In contrast, they have only managed one win and two draws in the five matches he's missed. Messi’s influence extends beyond his individual brilliance; it elevates the overall team performance and morale.

The victory against DC United is a significant one for Inter Miami. It not only boosts their position in the MLS standings but also reinforces the team’s confidence as they navigate the season. The win is a testament to their resilience and ability to perform under pressure, crucial attributes for any successful team.

Looking Ahead

As Inter Miami looks ahead to the upcoming fixtures, the focus will undoubtedly be on maintaining their momentum and building on this victory. The contributions of players like Campana highlight the depth and versatility of the squad, essential for their journey ahead.

Fans will be eagerly anticipating more stellar performances from Messi and his teammates. The blend of experience, skill, and youthful exuberance in the team positions them well for future challenges. The drama and excitement of the DC United match will be remembered as a turning point in their campaign, a game where resilience and tactical ingenuity won the day.


In conclusion, Inter Miami’s 1-0 win over DC United was a match filled with excitement, strategy, and decisive moments. Messi’s return brought renewed hope and energy to the team, while Campana’s heroics in injury time will be etched in the memories of fans. This victory is a crucial step for Inter Miami as they continue their quest for success in the MLS. With Messi’s influence and the team's collective effort, the future looks promising for this dynamic squad.