About us

Our company

ErrandsZa Sky is, in principle, an online, fresh farm produce convenient store. Our retail agenda is one to discourage the sudden mass consumption of processed food and a proactive drive to eating genuine, healthy and organic farm products.

With the understanding that many a client enjoy pastries from different sales outlets, we have also invested and mastered the art of making affordable pastries with organic toppings straight from the farms into our kitchen.

We enjoy the art of serving so, we take a step further in giving every single client on any of our platforms, a uniquely befitting and worthwhile experience.

Our franchise initiative is a community upliftment project, aimed not only at empowering the franchisees, but exposing, especially disenfranchised communities to locally produced products which are both organically rich and hugely affordable.

Our Products

Dairy, Veggies, Pastries, Meat, General grocery items, cleaning products etc.